Warming Warriors

The Warming Warriors' job is to make a display for the library and encourage the school and community to reduce their carbon footprint. We have recently been finding some shocking pictures on the internet (look below for pictures) about the effects of global warming and what will happen if we don't change our ways, We also have been working on a quiz about global warming and climate change. Our slogan for shutting down computers is:
"Shut me down if you want the world to spin round". We have recently put up two posters in the library. The first 1 has 8 quiz questions and our slogan for shuting down computers (read above) the second poster showing pictures of floods, hurricaines, bushfires and polar ice caps melting (see below)

The polar ice caps are melting

Hi we are the Warming Warriors and we have a few quiz questions
to test your knowledge of global warming:

1 What gas do cows emit?
2 Will global warming harm animals?
3 What is CO2? (Scroll down for answers)this = very bad external image simpsonspowerplant.gif

1. Methane
2. Yes
3. Carbon Dioxide